Lumen Technologies

Animated Marketectures

Visualizing Lumen’s solution portfolio in an engaging and interactive way

CenturyLink was undergoing a rebranding to Lumen Technologies in order to better communicate the company’s value to enterprise customers and reflect a more relevant and modern solution portfolio. As the company worked on its new corporate website, the creative team turned to Willis Collaborative to help build key interactive elements in parallel: a set of interactive marketecture diagrams that visually represented each solution area within Lumen’s new business, and a master “platform” diagram that shows how all the solutions come together to equal more than the sum of their parts.

Willis Collaborative worked with Lumen designers to arrive at each of the marketecture designs, ensuring good user experiences across viewing devices, and then developed the marketecture elements. Working closely with Lumen’s Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) authoring team, we worked to ensure no issues when the interactive elements were embedded in the site.

At launch, the marketecture diagrams added an engaging and visually compelling way for customers, partners and prospects to explore the company’s offerings.