Customer Case Study Videos Filmed Remotely

Making Citrix’s customer case studies sing

Producing compelling customer case studies videos is always a challenge, particularly for a technology company where your customers are more likely to be great technicians and IT strategists and not necessarily great orators or presenters. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that challenge was compounded by not being able to film customers in person. That was the test facing Willis Collaborative for Citrix’s virtual events, the Citrix Summit Series.

Across the three events there were 12 customer case study videos planned to showcase the use of Citrix technology in a compelling and exciting way for viewers. To deliver on that, Willis Collaborative worked with Citrix production partner Bellwether to organize the remote filming of the customers from around the globe. Kits including an HD camera, ring light and fold-up green screen were sent to participants in advance. We also worked to source any customer b-roll that existed.

With judicious editing, a mix of stock and b-roll, and some music, Willis Collaborative transformed what could have been drab videoconferences into compelling videos that breathed life into the virtual event. They were so well received that Citrix has used them for other virtual event opportunities after the fact, both their own and third-party events they’ve participated in.

Below are three examples from the series. All of the others are available online here: