Making Akamai a thought leader

Akamai’s technologies have underpinned the very foundations of the Internet for as long as the Internet has been around. To help reframe the conversation around the company, Akamai turned to Willis Collaborative to develop a thought leadership campaign.

Willis Collaborative researched what media, analysts and customers were saying about Akamai and its competitors, put together a competitive audit of messaging and positioning, reviewed Akamai’s own research and messaging documents, and interviewed executives and subject matter experts to understand their perspectives on the topics Akamai was interested in talking about, and places where Akamai had something interesting to say.

From there, Willis Collaborative developed a thought leadership theme that balanced a cultural tension that we know people want to hear about and Akamai’s expertise that uniquely qualifies the company to speak credibly on a subject.

From that theme we derived several compelling narratives suitable for episodic, insight-based, content-driven thought leadership campaigns. These narratives were relevant, provocative and forward-looking, and aligned with Akamai’s corporate positioning and business lines to drive interest from media, influencers, customers and prospects, giving people another reason to notice Akamai.