Honing a variety of viewpoints into a new corporate overview presentation for Cognizant

Technology services and consulting company Cognizant was undertaking a brand refresh, seeking help in developing their new corporate story and packaging it in a way that could be used across the company. Traditionally each business unit within the company was great at communicating their own value prop, but was less consistent about communicating the broader company narrative. To solve this, Cognizant sought a “single source of truth” in the form of a new corporate overview presentation that could be used companywide.

Willis Collaborative worked with a wide range of stakeholders across Cognizant including the Brand, Messaging, and Business Unit leadership teams, pulling together a multitude of inputs. Following many rounds of review, lots of honing and polish, we arrived at a compelling corporate narrative that summarized Cognizant’s new, distinct point of view based on brand research, identified modern business imperatives that every company needs to succeed, and aligned those imperatives with Cognizant’s unique capabilities and differentiating value props.

As phrasing of the corporate overview began to solidify, Willis Collaborative worked to design the corporate overview presentation itself using compelling visuals that supported the story and aligned to the new look and feel of the brand.

The final result was a concise 12-slide corporate overview presentation that perfectly encapsulated the new Cognizant story and could be used across the company as a consistent means of communicating the new Cognizant to customers, partners, and prospects.