Dell Technologies

Dell Annual Analyst Conference Opening Video

Shaping industry perceptions at Dell’s analyst conference

For Dell’s 2015 Annual Analyst Conference, Willis Collaborative tasked with producing an energetic montage of customers sharing their points of view and endorsing Dell’s strategy and technology, all to help shape analyst perceptions.

The final video was to be used by Marius Haas, Dell’s chief commercial officer and president, Enterprise Solutions at the conference. Willis Collaborative worked closely with Dell marketing and communications stakeholders to identify appropriate customers representing a diverse mix of industries, solutions, and sizes, and oversaw local shoots and conducted customer interviews on-site at customer locations in New York, Atlanta and the Bay Area. Based on those shoots, Willis Collaborative produced a paper edit of the proposed video script that then went through various rounds of edits. With a script approved, Willis Collaborative produced the final video seen here, creatively editing together choice quotations using b-roll either shot on site or provided to us, and stock footage.