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Dell Walk-In Videos

Communicating customer value through walk-in videos at Dell events

The moments before and after an event as audiences file in and out of the venue and get settled for the show are usually nothing to write home about. However, with a captive audience on hand waiting for the show to begin, Dell has sought to seize the opportunity to further communicate important messages in an interesting and visually stimulating way.

Typically that has meant 15-20 minutes of customer stories communicating clear benefits or results, all aligned to the lead marketing campaign of the year. These narratives are then animated in a stylish way and used at Dell events around the world throughout the course of the year, including the annual Dell World conference.

Willis Collaborative has been engaged for several years to help produce these walk-in loops, handling scripting and creative direction. We’ve been responsible for mining customer stories to ensure we’re telling a diverse story across industry, region and product line, and for providing direction to key creative partners in helping bring the animations to life.

Here we see walk-in loops that debuted at Dell World 2015 and Dell World 2014.